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GENOA Eureka type of lemon. Tree smaller than other lemons and is well suited to most home gardens. Bears heavily while still young and produces a heavy summer crop.
LEMONADE Fast growing and bears quite heavily when young. Bears July to August. Fresh tangy flavour, fruit has pale yellow rind and relatively easy to peel.
LISBON A strong growing, fairly large tree, bearing its heaviest crop in late winter and spring, a very hardy standard variety.
MEYER Most popular lemon for the home garden. Fruits heavily year after year. Thin-skinned, smooth, bright golden fruit throughout the year. Hardiest of all lemons.
VILLA FRANCA Thornless and a smaller tree than Lisbon. Prolific and bears a heavy summer crop.
YEN BEN Lisbon type but with a thin skin and smaller in growth. Fruits July. Fruit very juicy popular export variety.
VARIEGATED EUREKA Introduced from California. Very attractive ornamental cultivar. Fruit smaller than Eureka, often ribbed, and the young fruitlets are variegated.
VARIEGATED VILLA FRANCA Similar to variegated Eureka Thornless variety and very ornamental.

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