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BERGAMOT Fruit is rounded, with a yellow rind. The flesh is straw coloured, acidic and bitter. Tree is thornless with a spreading habit.
BEST SEEDLESS Well suited to the home garden. This tree is a good cropper and the fruits, which often have navels, are of high quality, and good flavour. Ripening occurs from late August to November.
BLOOD ORANGE Fruit matures late July/August. The fruit are not large or do have seed. The degree of development of blood colour in the flesh can vary seasonally. Colour development is more intense in hot dry climates with high diurnal fluctuations in temperature.
CARTERS NAVEL A sweet and juicy seedless variety of excellent flavour. Remaining juicy for 2-3 months if left on the tree. Ripens in August.

Closely related to Valencia. Average-size, rich flavour, very juicy and sweet, ripens in November and may carry right through till March.

KUMQUAT Kumquat trees are small and shapely with dense foliage, and make attractive ornamental shrubs ideally suited to tubs. They are very hardy and after a long, warm summer, produce heavy crops of small, round, waxy, golden yellow to orange fruit. Pulp is juicy and acid-sweet. Use in marmalade, preserves, or eat if fresh - skin and all.
NAVALINA  Attractive high yielding fruit with a more oval shape.Early to mature with good flavour and a deep orange colour. A vigorous grower.
NEWHALL Attractive fruit have a more oval shape than fruit of Parent Navel, with a deeper orange rind colour. More vigorous with darker green foliage.  
PARENT NAVEL Similar to other Navels. Fruit can be sweeter and larger. Ripens August.
SEVILLE Very old variety, very sour. Excellent for marmalades and preserves. July to September.
VALENCIA Closely related to Hardwood Late. Average-size, rich flavour, very juicy and sweet, ripens in November and may carry right through till March.
VAINIGLIA PINK Very attractive pinky orange flesh, and total lack of citric acid. Tastes like a melon.
WASHINGTON NAVEL High quality seedless fruit of excellent flavour. Fruit ripens August and will hang on the tree for months until Harwood Late is ready. With the two varieties you can pick sweet, juicy oranges almost the year through.

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