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BEARRS Originated in California. Selection of Tahiti Lime. More precocious. Fruits in 2-3 years.
KAFFIR The leaves of which are an essential ingredient in many Thai and Malaysian recipes. Very popular from restaurateurs. Frost tender.
KEY Fruit is yellow when ripe but picked green commercially. With a higher acidity, a stronger aroma and a thinner rind. The name comes from its association with the Florida Keys, where it is best known as the flavouring ingredient in Key Lime Pie. Also called Mexican Lime.
KUSAIE A popular lime for ornamental purposes, fragrant with blossom has an attractive pink tinge. Fruit is yellow, juicy and mild acidity. Quite hardy.
RANGPUR The tree yields good crops of deep-orange easy peel fruits but very sour.

A vigorous tree with bold dark green leaves slightly serrated at the edges. The fruit are small to medium in size, turning a pale yellow at maturity. The skin is thin, the flesh juicy and without seed. Fruit ripens winter. Known as Green Lime.

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