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AFOURER Fruit usually flattened shape with skin, smooth, orange rind that is easy to peel. Orange coloured flesh, juicy with a rich and sweet flavour. Fruits Nov-March
AOSHIMA Early fruiting and easy peeling. High internal quality. Small growing. May/July.
BUDDHAS HAND Highly prized in China and Japan for its perfumed aroma. Related to the lemon, this ancient fruit separates at the bottom into gnarled, finger - like segments. The fruit has yellow rind and contains no flesh or seeds. A small tree with large leathery leaves.
BURGESS SCARLET Rich-flavoured variety with highly coloured, aromatic, medium-sized fruit. Grow vigorously, ripens in September to October.
CLEMENTINE Extremely popular and the best all round variety. Compact growth and very heavy crops of medium-sized, highly coloured fruit of excellent flavour. Ripens July, but fruit will hang on for months.
CORSICA No.2 Very similar to Clementine. Fruit tends to be larger with less pips. Fruits June/July.
ENCORE A vigorous tree bearing fruit from November to February. Fruit medium to large in size, thin skin, juicy and rather seedless. Very sweet.
HANSEN LATE Also called Allendale. Quite a vigorous grower and bears reasonably well in Spring.
KARA Tree is medium-sized and fairly open and drooping in habit. The fruit medium to large, excellent flavour. Ripens from October to December.
KAWANO Medium-sized tree. Heavy cropping, free peeling and seedless. Ripens May to July.
KIYOMI Produces good crops of large bright ornage fruit with a pebbly-textured skin. Rich and spicy in flavour, good eaten fresh or for juice, easy to peel. Fruits July-August.
MIHO Early fruiting and easy peeling. High sugar levels in fruit. Very popular export variety.
MIYAGAWA WASE A Satsuma strain variety fruiting very easily. Easy peeling with no pips. Requires a warm situation. Fruits very early. Fruit round in shape.
MURCOTT Very similar to encore but ripens earlier. Vigorous grower.
OKITSU WASE Very similar to Miyagawa buy may fruit earlier or later depending on location. More vigorous growing. Seedless, easy peel.
ORTANIQUE Producing good crops of highly coloured fruit. Rich and sweet. Ripens October to November.
RICHARDS SPECIAL Becoming a popular large sweet Mandarin. Ripens spring. Highly ornamental. Bright green foliage.
SATSUMA A very popular, sweet, seedless, easy to peel variety, ripening in June to July. Best picked as the fruit becomes puffy if left on tree.
SILVER HILL The earliest mandarin to ripen. Produces large crops of medium to large, easily peeled fruit. Fruit is sweet and juicy and segments separate easily. Commences to ripen June.
THORNY One of the best flavoured of all mandarins. Ripens September, great colour. Fruit stays juicy if left on tree. Tends to be biennial cropping.

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